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A'-tek watches try to conquer the world

A'-tek watches do have special designs A'-tek A1401L

A’-tek watches is a new watch brand in our online watch shop. Never heard of it before? That’s possible. A’-tek is a whole new brand and we are one of the first watch shops who starts to sell the brand.

A little luck

A'-tek watches are oversized watches A'-tek A1406R

Once we were the first shop outside of France who started to sell Offshore Limited watches. The brand is a huge succes! And what about TW Steel watches? We believed in the brand from the first moment. Do we have a kind of antenna for succesful brands? Possibly, but you have to be a little lucky. But it’s a fact that we think A’-tek watches look amazing. And of course we hope you love them too.

This A'-tek watch as a unique design A'-tek A1405U

Does A’-tek look like Welder watches?

When you put A’-tek and Welder watches next to each other, they look like each other. That’s not very strange when you know the history of A’-tek. Founder Thomas Lam is a former designer of Welder watches. He knows how to create a popular watch watch.

Design and workmanship

A’-tek watches are a combination of design and workmanschip. The brand does not follow the latest trends which makes the watches timeless. With a size between 48 and 50 millimeter it are real XL watches. Moreover the watches have a Miyota quartz movement. Finished with a leather or silicon strap, A’-tek watches are quality watches.