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New: TW Steel Next Generation Grandeur Tech watches

TW Steel TS2 The new TW Steel TS2

TW Steel is further celebrating its 10th anniversary celebrations with the launch of its next generation Grandeur Tech collection. The new five-piece series replaces the previous models, which debuted back in 2010 and proved to be amongst the best-sellers worldwide for the brand 'Big in Oversized Watches'.

Grandeur Tech has become synonymous with rugged, masculine industrially inspired looks, combined with high-end and luxurious finishing in each and every timepiece. Noted for the construction that connects the bezel to the case back by using pillars and engine screws, each Grandeur Tech in the new-look collection maintains the same design ethos while captivating with modern styling.

TW Steel TS3 TW Steel TS3

The new line-up, TS1-TS5, all 48mm, come powered using the state-of-the-art Miyota 6S20 chronograph big caliber movement. With notably larger chrono eyes on the dial, the new models also feature reinforced mineral crystal for added value. Another style feature new to these introductions is the revised silicon strap. The latest design features a patterned strap complete with two lines running the length of the strap available either with red or grey accents.

TW Steel TS1 TW Steel TS1

TS1 and TS2 are presented with steel cases and a red dial and black carbon design dial respectively. TS3 and TS5 sport an affluent A-grade PVD rose gold plated steel case, one with a sunray blue dial, the other black, while finally TS4 enjoys a PVD dark titanium plated steel case with black dial.

"Grandeur Tech was definitely due some attention and this year seemed like a fitting occasion to introduce a revision to the collection," stated TW Steel Chief Design Officer and co-owner, Ton Cobelens. "Undoubtedly masculine in their presentation, our new Grandeur Tech editions enjoy not only a style upgrade but also the use of the robust Miyota 6S20 chronograph movement.

TW Steel TS4 TW Steel TS4

"Visually this impacts the face of the watch courtesy of the larger chrono eyes but I also think this helps differentiate from previous Grandeur Tech models. Our colour presentations in the new models compliment each other well, perfectly accented now with the colour stripes on the sides of the patterned straps. Build quality remains at the heart of Grandeur Tech, they look strong because they are strong. That element remains unchanged and as a result I'm confident their popularity will endure."

The steel case editions, TS1 and TS2, will retail for €499, while the PVD plated editions, TS3-TS5, will retail for €549.